Reels are Instagrams response to TikTok. You may be rolling you eyes thinking, what do Reels and TikToks have anything do to with my business?

It’s no surprise that our attention spans are shrinking at an alarming rate. As a matter of fact, one study conducted in 2015 claims our attention spans have shrunk to 8.25 seconds. Cue Instagram Reels with their 30 second time limits. 

Instagram Reels are a great way for you to increase your brand awareness and engagement. Furthermore, they’re already on one of your favorite social networks. We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling social media – why not capitalize on this for your brand? 

With the big names already on board with Reels (think Sephora, Walmart, etc.) Reels are making their debut as a successful addition to digital marketing. Here are 10 ideas to help you get started. 

  1. Go “Behind the Scenes”
    Everyone likes to feel special. Giving your audience a ‘sneak peak’ of how you conduct business will definitely be worth a watch.
  2. Pull A Prank
    No one likes cruel pranks, but harmless ones are funny and entertaining. They’re a good way to have fun and chances are your audience will want to laugh along with you. 
  3. Show Off Your Talents
    Is your brand in a niche market? Do you have any unique or specific talents? Show them off!
  4. Create a Slo-Mo Video
    Have an eye-catching clip? Hit the slo-mo option on Reels to make it that much more satisfying to watch.
  5. Outfit/Style Changes
    Showcase your abilities with stitching together quick clips of your products. It’s a short, attention-keeping way to show off a good chunk of your catalog or inventory.
  6. Create a Blooper Reel
    We all stay tuned for bloopers, why not use your bloopers on Reels too? Bloopers are entertaining and show people that you’re a reel person (see what we did there?!) 
  7. Get Out There and Dance
    You don’t have to be a pro dancer either. People are scrolling social media to be entertained, go ahead – breathe life into your brand! 
  8. Appeal to the Mass Majority of Animal Lovers
    Yep, chances are you and most of your friends are animal lovers. Simply showcase an animal interacting with your brand in any way. That’s it. Guaranteed success right there. 
  9. Appeal to FOMO
    The Fear of Missing Out is ubiquitous. Take your followers on a journey; whether that’s showing off a cool travel location, a local eatery, someone famous, etc. Get people involved and hanging on, waiting for more! 
  10. Create A How-To
    Surely you’ve heard of ‘hacks’ or cool tips and tricks for just about anything. Creating a how-to is a proven method of gaining engagement. Everyone wants to know a better or easier way to do something. Show off your hack, you’re pretty much guaranteed to catch your audience’s eye! 

Have you tried Reels for your business yet? What are some of the ways you use them? 
If you’re looking for some help with your brand’s social strategy, reach out! From a short brain-storming call to becoming part of your team, Stade Marketing is here for you!