There’s a good chance you’ve already attended a video conference via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Even though many people have returned to their ‘normal’ work lives, some companies are maintaining the use of video conferencing. 

Obviously there are the common ‘rules’ to hosting a great meeting. For example, don’t eat / drink, be on time, be attentive, watch your body language, etc. But here are a few extra etiquette tips to help ensure a successful video conference. 

1. Ensure Your Background is Work Appropriate

– Focus should be on your presentation, not your messy desk or distracting decor. 

– You want to reduce distractions however possible (think noise levels) 

2.  Introduce Everyone at the Beginning

– Similar to an in person event, you should introduce all the attendees 

– Create a warm and welcome environment to stimulate engagement 

3.  Be Aware of Your Audio and Video Settings

– Ensure your microphone is unmuted and your video is on

– If someone is speaking unmuted, simply request they mute their audio

4.  Look Into the Camera When Talking

– Don’t look at your video icon, instead talk directly into the camera

– Simulate face to face interaction as best as you can 

5.  Only Invite Participants Who Need To Be There

– Limit the attendee list to keep the conference streamlined

– Offer a video recording to those who can’t or don’t need to attend

6.  Be the Last Person to Log Off

– Let attendees leave at their own pace and stick around until everyone is gone

– This enables them to get in any questions or last words that they may have

Don’t be the person who schedules loads of unnecessary, time-consuming meetings. Good video etiquette means being efficient and providing value. Follow these simple tips to create an enjoyable, successful video conference!