Have you ever heard someone talking about a cold or warm audience? Well, I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that they’re not talking about physical temperature. These categories are what help you understand the audience being targeted and therefore define the purpose of your retargeting campaign and what kind of return you can expect.
Below are the basics:

Cold Audience
This is a completely new audience. They have never heard of your brand and you have yet to make contact. Ads targeted to this audience should be focused on brand awareness and getting your name out there. Try a Brand Awareness ad campaign. While you might not see a high return on cold audiences, brand awareness is how you get your name out there.

Warm Audience
This audience is familiar with you and your brand. They might have simply heard of you or they might have already visited your website. Select Traffic campaigns to drive web traffic. Further, make sure your ad sets are retargeting your interested audiences. The chance of a return is much greater in this audience type.

Hot Audience
A hot audience consists of people who have already converted or are ready to purchase immediately. Strike while the iron is hot. Serve a robust retargeting campaign and motivate them to buy NOW – Flash Sales, BOGO, Discounts, etc. are all proven methods to get this audience to purchase. A return is very likely with this audience, so push hard!

All in all, it is a good idea to target all 3 of these audiences. Don’t make the mistake of solely focusing on your Hot Audience because they’re further along in the sales funnel. Each audience type has its benefits; make sure you have a masterful campaign set up which includes all 3.

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